Lawyer Jean SemenovPrinciples and methods - Lawyer Jean Semenov
Among the clients of Zhan Semenov-the most famous people government and business not only in Russia but in the CIS countries. Personal secret customer has the rank of untouchable All that Semenov trust his clients put over the threshold of his office and is kept exclusively in his head and not in his legal Notepad. Honor, dignity and authority of Jean Semenov did the lawyer figure in the media. Semenov is constantly being drawn for consultations in television programs of the Federal channels, where sometimes up special, sharp and, at first glance, unsolvable topics..
Unlike many of his colleagues lawyer Semenov, pays attention, first of all, the quality of their work rather than quantity. Advocacy is conveyer, says Semenov and recognized that strip-style in the work flatly contradicts his personal and professional views. Zhan Semenov confident in the uniqueness of each case and each person requires an individual approach. For him there are no hopeless cases, for each problem Zhan Semenov very carefully and seriously. The result is always one of the most rational and reasonable way out of the situation. If You are lucky enough to become a client of Zhan Semenov, there is no doubt he and his team will gain victory!

Victory by any lawful means!

Twenty years Zhan Semenov on the protection of the law.

His career Zhan Semenov began in the Prosecutor's office and almost 10 years of his career devoted to criminal law.

The second professional stage of Semenov's lawyer has already touched on civil practice. This experience allowed Semenov to thoroughly examine all the details of the two systems criminal and civil law.

Due to the high qualification of the lawyer Semenov and his team are able to penetrate into the smallest details of the case, are working on, and provide all the undercurrents. This allows you to choose the right tactics and find the only right decision. In addition, professional lawyer Semenov minimizes the possibility of errors in the protection tactics.